Application/change for a WCF show license (Moscow)

First application (yes/no) * Changes for license number
Responsible club (short name) * Membership number *
eMail *

1. co-organizing WCF mainclub (short name) Membership number
2. co-organizing WCF mainclub (short name) Membership number

Co-organizing sub-/trainee club (short name) Club number
Co-organizing Non-WCF organization (short name) Type*

*for example "Animal protect"

Type of exhibition *
*World Show
*Cat Olimpia
*Jubilee Show, national
*Jubilee Show, international
**Joint Show, national
**Joint Show, international

*only with Board permission
**additional information is required

**Joint Show with (club name) Organization
Joint Show with a Non-WCC organization only with Board permission

Country Continental area
Place of exhibition * WCF region (e.g.: ER-040) *

Show areas Moscow *
Eastern -1
Eastern -2
outside Moscow (distance less than 100 km bee-line)
-Please use for requested shows with distances to Moscow with more than 100 km bee-line the usual application for Russia-
Large project (yes/no) * Description
-if yes, the sponsor-confirmation is required-
Offical confirmation of the sponsors
-Please click on "Durchsuchen", choose the file and upload the confirmation letter of the sponsors, not bigger than 1 MB

First exhibition date * Last exhibition date *
1. C-number * 2., and when required, 3. C-number *
For one-day exhibitions enter "0" in the right field

Double judgement
1. day
2. day
3. day
all days
According to show rules B.1.8
1. D-number 2., and when required, 3. D-number

WCF Rings

WCF Rings
with Board permission
Master Ring
Double Master Ring
Triple Master Ring
Diamond Master Ring
Jubilee Ring
Olimpia Ring

Breed Shows
-at least 10 cats per race in the catalog-
WCF Fun Shows
-No award of titles, no participation in BIS-

Complete judge name 1, country * Categories, organization *
Complete judge name 2, country * Categories, organization *
Complete judge name 3, country Categories, organization
Complete judge name 4, country Categories, organization
Complete judge name 5, country Categories, organization
Complete judge name 6, country Categories, organization
Complete judge name 7, country Categories, organization
Please note that:
-on international exhibitions at least two AB judges must judge
-the judge permission must be valid at the time of the exhibition
-Non-WCC judges may only judge after previous permission of the Judges commission
-suspended or expelled judges are not permitted to be invited

Further information can be found in the Show Rules, article B.4

Participating student judge (name, first name) Participating student judge (name, first name)

Name supervisor of the exhibition office Function
Possibly required for new WCF clubs, see Show Rules B.1.14


The exhibition license is to be applied not later than 6 weeks before the date of the exhibition. All data must be entered completely, otherwise the application will not be processed.

After licensing, the exhibition will be published as soon as possible on the WCF website.


Place of application * Date of application *
Name of the responsible person for this application * Function *

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