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The WCC was held in Miami / USA on March, 6 - 10. It was hosted by the TICA . It was a successful conference with seminars on the TICA Thai cats , new advances in the genetics and health care of the cats and a very nice exhibition with 12 rings.


At the meeting, the delegates of the nine member associations decided to continue to operate the open-door policy and intensify it even. In favour of this decision the WCF Executive Board will have a meeting in the summer with the board of FIFE . The EMS code , which is already used in many of our member clubs , is now also recognized in the GCCF in England. So the cat world moves a bit closer again.


In addition, the WCF has received the right to hold the World Cat Congress in 2016 . We are happy and proud to host the WCC again as we can look forward to invite experts and hold open seminars for interested breeders and judges. The WCF Olimpia with the presentation of the Best Cat is then performed with the international judges of the WCC , which is a very special highlight .