Code of ethics for breeders General conditions for husbandry and breeding cats

General conditions

Due to the different legislative situation in the member-countries we can only give general conditions, which are supervised by the member- organizations.


Country specific regulations

Cat owners and cat breeders, who are associated to the WCF via their cat club, have to follow the laws and rules for the treatment of vertebrates, which
are valid in their country.


Maintenance, veterinary

That includes adequate feeding, maintenance and health-care of the cats. Cats showing any signs of illness have to be immediately presented to a veterinary.
That has to be considered as a minimum requirement.


Rules for breeding and maintenance

Each member-organization has to specify detailed rules for breeding and husbandry for its members, which are in conformation with country’s particular circumstances.


In general the following has to be defined in these rules: Female cats are allowed to give birth twice a year maximum. (min. 3 months between the litters).
Ideally a queen should give birth to kittens only once a year.


Placement of kittens

Young kittens are not allowed to be separated from their mother and litter mates before the 12th week. When placed young kittens must be weaned,
de-wormed and equipped with the necessary vaccinations. It is strongly recommended to identify the kittens by micro-chip.


Registration, contract

Each kitten born at a WCF member has to be registered and it is not allowed to be placed without pedigree. The kitten’s placement has to be documented
by the contract. With this contract the breeder has to inform the new owner of the cat about its needs. The breeder shall assist the new owner with
his help.