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Minutes of the foundation of WCF Italia
on March 26, 2011


The president of the WCF, Mrs Hackmann, had called for the first conference of all Italian WCF member-clubs in Berlin
on March 16, 2011. The purpose of the conference was to found an umbrella organization in Italy to unite the Italian
WCF-clubs and to represent them in the negotiations with the ministery of agriculture.

Present were:

Anneliese Hackmann

Andreas Möbius

Cesare Ghisi

Franca Zuccotti

Elisabetha Vanigua

Nicoletta Locati

Paolo Veneziani

Carmen Padovani

Fabrizio Montanari

Rossella Melani

Andrea Vincenzi

Vivian Walch

Tino Eckhardt


president of WCF

organizer/representative of AFI

president of FIAF

general secretary of FIAF

adviser of FIAF

president of AFEF

general secretary of AFEF

president of AGI

general secretary of AGI

adviser of AGI

president of ISCC




Not present was:

Francesco Picinali


President of ACEF

e WCF Italia was founded by the present representatives of the clubs on March 26, 2011.

Members are
Associazioni Feline Federate (AFeF)
Associazione Felina Italiana (AFI)
Associazione Gatti d'Italia (AGI)
Federazione Italiana Associazioni Feline (FIAF)
Serenissima Cat Club (ISCC)
Further members can only be accepted by application and agreement of the member-clubs.


Franca Zuccotti was elected unanimously as president of "WCF Italia" by the present representatives of the clubs.
The office of the president, Mrs Zucotti, was decided to be the seat of WCF Italia.
Andrea Vincenzi was elected unanimously as treasurer of "WCF Italia" by the present representatives of the clubs.
Fabrizio Montanari was elected by a majority as general secretary of "WCF Italia" by the present representatives
of the clubs.


We wish great success to WCF Italia!


Actualized on: 2010-06-03