Search for cattery names

Select, where the search shall start:
Exact: The cattery name must be exactly the same as the
search-key (letter by letter).
At the begin: The search-key stands at the begin of the cattery name.
At the end: The search-key stands at the end of the cattery name.
cattery name: The search-key is included in the cattery name.

At the begin
At the end
Within the cattery name

Enter the search-key You must enter here a search-key! The search-key must be at least 2 characters long, otherwise the search will not be executed.
Capital letters are ignored, they are treated like
small letters:
coon = Coon
beauty cats = Beauty Cats = Beauty cats
brilliant = Brilliant
Diphtongs and special consonants will be converted internally:
ä = ae ß = ss
ö = oe aya = aja
ü = ue kiy = kij
Do not enter the prefix:
Do not enter any prefixes like the following
von der, vom, af, from, of
zur, zu, im, in, in der, z, in the, at
the, el, die, der, la, le, l'
de, di, delle, della, degli, dell'
Do not enter the suffix:
Do not enter any suffixes like the following
Actualized on: 2021-12-14