Rights and duties
of the WCF judge


Permission procedure


Examination regulations for WCF judges


Additional qualifications
for judges



Rights and duties of WCF judges


1. A WCF judge cannot be obliged to give a certificate (title), either by the organizing club or by other persons.

A WCF judge is not obliged to accept a judge's pupil at a show, but should give sound reasons for rejection.
The assignment of more than one judge's pupil should be declined.

3. A WCF judge is only allowed to vote in the Best in Show for the cats of the categories he is licensed for.


A WCF judge is not allowed to award CACM and CAPM at other shows than those of WCF member clubs.


 An officiating judge may only exhibit his cats out of competition, also cats that live in his household.


In the case of changing the club-membership WCF-Judges are obliged to inform the chairperson of the Judge’s Commission within 4 weeks