WCF has more than 280 single organizations, distributed worldwide,
also in the United States. WCF is an internationally operating federation, officially registered in the registration court in Germany. WCF participates
in the consultations of the European parliament in Strasbourg, it is co-
responsible in the development of animal protection laws by working in
the corresponding working groups installed by the legislative organs and participating in parliamentarian hearings. A member of WCF, whether a single club or an federation, acts independently in his business.


Responsibility of the WCF


International registration of cattery names

Education, training and examination of international judges

Standardization of the various cat breeds

Implementation of show rules and show classes

Care for international connections



General information

International judges with WCF judge permission are educated  according to internationally implemented rules. WCF judges must always adhere to certain rules. WCF has examinations only for an entire hair category. 
The inviting club is responsible to check the appropriate hair category,
if it is certified on the judge's keycard. A WCF-judge may act as judge
only in those hair categories certified on his keycard. The hair categories, LH, SLH, SH, SIA/ORI and AB for all breeds, are certified in the last line of
the keycard. If there is any discrepancy, please contact the office of the WCF directly.