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Continental areas and regions


In each of the 8 continental areas listed below it is possible to win the titles European Champion / Premior and Grand European Champion / Premior resp. Continental Champion / Premior and Grand Continental Champion / Premior, if the cat has international titles awarded in at least three countries. For the titles CACM, CAPM another continental area is required.



Continental area Europe


Countries divided into regions:



Continental area Asia


Countries divided into regions:


Continental area Middle East


Countries divided into regions:



Continental area Africa and Canary Islands


Divided into regions:


The Canary Islands are a region of Spain, see there.



Continental area Australia and Oceania


  Countries divided into regions:

Continental area North America


Divided into regions:



Continental area Central America and Carribean Islands



Continental area South America


Divided into regions:

Show licenses

Every show of WCF must be licensed by the Show License Manager.
Titles can be won only on licensed shows.

License Manager Countries Regions
Marina Khodusova Belarus Russia - European part all regions ER
+ RUR-010
+ RUR-020
+ RUR-030
+ RUR-040
+ RUR-050
+ RUR-110
Tatiana Karikh



Russia - Asian part
all regions

all regions AR
    + RUR-060
+ RUR-070
+ RUR-080
+ RUR-090
+ RUR-100
Gisela Danisch all other countries