Name, Duration,
Location, Purpose


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Statutes of the WCF World Cat Federation

1. Name, Duration, Location, Purpose
Article 1 All clubs and organizations, as well as these organizations, which abide to the presented statutes, form an international federation for an undefined period of time.
Article 2

This International Federation carries the name




with the addendum "e.V." after the registration is done.


It forms a club without economic purpose. Its residence is located in Germany, North-Rhine-Westfalia, Essen.

Article 3 The federation abstains from any decision, which could interfere with the national autonomy and individuality
of the federation’s members.
Article 4

The purpose of the WCF is to unite all clubs and federations regardless of their nationality, which are interested in wild, domestic and purebred cats, their husbandry and breeding.


It promotes the breeding of cats, their welfare and improvement of the breeds.


It has set up the following purpose:


  • Standardization of rules concerning exhibitions, titles and judges,
  • Definition of breeds and standardization of breed standards,
  • Recognition and adjustment of breeding books of the federations concerned,
  • Introduction and regulation of an international register of cattery names,
  • Edition of an official list of judges, which are educated or recognized by the WCF.


This enumeration is not final. The WCF may undertake any activities regarding domestic and wild cats.