Colours: genetic model

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Locus Allele Meaning
A A Agouti
a non-agouti
B B Black
b chocolate
bl cinnamon
C C full colour
cs Siamese points
cb Burmese points
ca Albino with blue eyes
c Albino
D D Dense colour (non-diluted)
d diluted
E E non-amber
e amber
I I Inhibitor active (silver)
i not silver
Mc Mc Mackerel
mc blotched
O O Orange
o non-orange
Y chromosome Y
S S Piebald spotting
s no white spotting
Ta Ta Ticked
ta not ticked
W W epistatic White
w no epistatic white (not white)
Wb Wb Wide band (hairs are tipped)
wb no tipping
Capital letters indicate that the allele is dominant. The alleles are written in their order of dominance.

Please note:


  • The genetic model using 3 different loci for the tabby pattern - Mc, Ta, Sp - is a model, which is likely to changes, if newer research results are available.
  • Sp is not in the table, because it is a model to express the spotted tabby colour.
  • It is a hypothesis that a white medallion, white gloves are the result of another gene (group) than gene S.