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Statutes of the WCF World Cat Federation

4. General Assembly
Article 11

The General Assembly is the highest authority of the federation. It is formed by the delegates of the members. Each member is entitled to one delegate with voting rights.


A delegate is permitted to represent only one member.


In addition to its delegate each member is entitled to participate with one advisor, who has only an advisory vote.


If a club does not have the possibility to attend the General Assembly, it may delegate its vote once. A second delegation is only possible again, if the member represented itself in the meantime in the General Assembly.


In case of a tie the president will decide.

Article 12

The tasks of the General Assembly are,


  • to appoint the members of the Board, of the Commissions and the Auditors,
  • to approve or reject the budget and the annual accounts; the approval of the annual accounts constitute the     discharge of the treasurer,
  • to decide upon applications of new members,
  • to decide upon the expulsion of a member according to the conditions set up in article 9,
  • to evaluate the management of the board.


Moreover, the Assembly has all other rights, which may be derived from the statutes and which have not been expressly transferred to another authority.

Article 13

The Assembly meets at least every second (2nd) year.


It is convened by the president as an ordinary meeting, as an extraordinary General Assembly also by the president upon request of a fifth part of the members of the WCF.

Article 14

As a condition for their validity, at least half of the members must be represented at the general meetings.


The members are obliged to announce their participation in writing to the secretary general at least 30 days
prior to the begin of the General Assembly.


The General Assembly can take place with the actual number of members present.


Article 15

A simple majority of members present is needed to set the decisions of the General Assembly into legal force, except in case of an expulsion and changes of the statutes, where a three quarter majority is needed.


The members of the General Assembly vote by a show of hands, unless a member requests voting by secret ballot.


Article 16

The president of the WCF presides over the General Assembly. He may entitle a chairman of the day.


The minutes of the meeting are made by the secretary general or by his substitute. He submits the minutes to at least two persons for their statement, who attended the meeting, and will have signed it by the president.


Article 17

The members of the WCF are convened at least 90 days before the date set for the General Assembly in WCF-actual or by letter, preferably by e-mail or as download from a password protected member-area.


They must submit their proposals to the secretary general 60 days before the General Assembly.


30 days before the set up date they will receive the agenda together with the proposals of the various members, preferably by e-Mail or as download from a password protected member-area.


Article 18

No decision can be made upon items not listed in the agenda unless the General Assembly decides otherwise
by vote upon a written proposal which is presented by the president.


Proposals and questions must be written in German and English, if necessary in French or Spanish, if a
member-organization has this language as its mother tongue.


Article 19

The meetings of the General Assembly are open to the members of the organizations of the WCF. The General Assembly may, however, exclude the public from certain items to be treated.


The WCF has the domestic authority in these General Assemblies and may thus exclude persons/clubs from
the General Assembly.