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Statutes of the WCF World Cat Federation

2. Admission - Resignation - Expulsion
Article 5 The minimum number of members is three (3).
Article 6

To become a member of the WCF, the applicant clubs and federations have to forward their application to the secretary general.

Only clubs and federations may become a member of the WCF, in no case single persons or companies.

Article 7

Each application has to be forwarded to the next General Assembly, which will make a decision considering the statement of the board and the results of an inquiry made by the board.


All decisions regarding the admission need a simple majority of the present members with voting rights.


For the acceptance the amount of 100 members is requested, which the applying club has to proof by a notarized act or by declaration on oath.


In exceptional cases the board is entitled to accept members to the WCF on probation (patronage). Condition is that an existing club takes the patronage, if possible, and takes care of the compliance with the rules of the WCF. This provisional acceptance is valid only until the next general assembly, which will make the decision.


Organizations, which are under patronage, and full members pay the same fees.


CACM/CAPM of organizations, which are not affiliated to the WCF and in whose country other organizations are full members of the WCF, will not be recognized.


A patronage, granted by the board, may be confirmed by agreement of the general assembly in that way that the applicant club may become immediately a full member without a special agreement, if the requested documents are presented and the minimum number of members has been reached. An information about that is forwarded to all full members when such a situation has occurred.

Article 8

The members of the WCF are obliged to recommend the participation in WCF exhibitions to their members.


Each member of the WCF may manage its own club in its home country, it is not permitted, however in no case,
to found or promote a division of the organization or a similar organization in foreign countries (for example by awarding or recognition of the CACM / CAPM).


Each member of the WCF abides in its management to the regulations, which are currently valid in the WCF. These are for example the statutes, the show rules, the rules for judges and judge’s pupils and the judges and classes of an exhibition.


Publications in WCF-actual, which have the character of rules, are valid provisionally until the next general assembly.


Article 9

Membership in the WCF will be ended


  • By resignation, which has to be announced to the secretary general by registered letter within the term of     notice of 6 months before the end of a calendar (business) year.
  • By expulsion because of severe violations, in particular because of non-compliance to the statutes,
        refusal to pay the fees, etc. The expulsion is evaluated by the board and proposed to the next general     assembly, which will decide with a ¾ majority of the present members with voting rights.
        The decision is immediately in effect, it is irrevocable. Essential changes within the expelled club may,     however, enable the club to apply again.
  • If the requested fees (membership fee, fee for catteries, etc.) are not paid in time and after two reminders to     pay, the membership is cancelled at the end of the year.


Reminders and expulsions may be sent by registered letter including a reply coupon or by fax, as well as by E-Mail, if the Board receives a confirmation receipt by the recipient.