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Statutes of the WCF World Cat Federation

8. Disciplinary Commission
Article 29

The board may impose the following disciplinary punishments, after the statement of the Disciplinary


  • call to order,
  • reprimand,
  • fine,
  • temporarily limited expulsion from all or single events,
  • expulsion of members from the commissions,
  • temporary suspension of membership.


The competence for expulsion of a member (see article 9 b) is reserved to the General Assembly, an
exception is made according article 9 c.

Article 30

The board is responsible for imposing a punishment upon each member of the WCF, against everyone entrusted for a function by the WCF, as well as against each judge.


The person accused is entitled to be heard.


The appeal to the General Assembly is reserved for each person, upon which a disciplinary sanction was imposed; it has to be forwarded to the board within 30 days after the receipt of the decision, which has to include the time frame and the way of appeal.
The appeal has not any suspensive effect.

Article 31

The decisions including the reasoning have to be forwarded to the concerned member by registered letter
or by fax. An e-mail is valid, if the board receives a confirmation of receipt by the recipient.